We all are aware of the various usage of smartphone cameras to click images at various angles and various effects. But how many of us are aware of its ability to scan barcodes? The first time I used this feature is when I was trying to recharge my DTH account. It asked me to scan a barcode available on the TV screen with my mobile camera. Doing that provided me with a very amazing result. After scanning the barcode, I was able to see the details of my DTH account in my mobile including the account number and account holder name. I was then able to pay my monthly charges for the DTH account from that option itself. This was found to be a very useful option for me. But as time passed, this option becomes very common and now we can see it everywhere.

Smartphone Cameras Ability to Scan Barcodes

It is the development of the Digital India and Demonetization that makes this feature become very common and even used by people who are not very technical in using smartphones. One of the most common places where you can see this feature now is the Petrol Pumps. By using apps like Paytm you can easily pay for the petrol filling charges by scanning the Paytm barcode with the help of your smartphone camera. For this, what you need is some Best Smartphone Under 7000 along with an account in apps like Paytm.This will open the amazing World of online shopping and transaction for the people of all age groups.

The release of smartphones has changed the life of the common people a lot. With the extremely good features like Barcode Scanning option, they are continuously contributing to the development of even the common people. That is one of the major reason behind the huge success of Android smartphones throughout the World.

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