Ship Your Lithium Batteries With ParcelHero Today

Ship Your Lithium Batteries With ParcelHero Today

Lithium Batteries have quickly become one of the most popular forms of energy. During the constant voltage phase, the charger applies a voltage equal to the maximum cell voltage times the number of cells in series to the battery, as the current gradually declines towards 0, until the current is below a set threshold of about 3% of initial constant charge current.

Equipment/Electronic devices installed with built-in or plug-in lithium batteries such as laptop computers, cameras, mobile phones etc must be switched off with

measures to be taken to ensure that they cannot be accidentally activated when placed in check-in baggage.

A February 2013 press release issued by ICAO stated that, pending the outcome of investigations by the U.S. and Japan, the ICAO Council provisionally approved an interim amendment that prohibited the carriage of lithium ion aircraft batteries (emphasis on aircraft” batteries, which may or may not be the same as carried on board the Malaysia Airlines aircraft) as cargo on passenger aircraft.

The cathode is generally one of three materials: a layered oxide (such as lithium cobalt oxide), one based on a polyanion (such as lithium iron phosphate), or a spinel (such as lithium manganese oxide), although materials such as TiS2 (titanium disulfide) originally were also used.

For lithium-ion battery powered wheelchairs or other similar mobility aids for use by passengers whose mobility is restricted by a disability, health/age, or a temporary mobility problem (eg broken leg), please contact our reservations office for assistance.