Is My Niche Site A Victim Of Negative SEO?

Is My Niche Site A Victim Of Negative SEO?

If you are not a staff/member/employee of the company, Miracle-Ear, the following content is not for you. As intelligent and advanced as Google’s algorithm might be, there are still many black hat SEO specialists that are successfully getting away with creating fake prevent negative seo reviews as part of their negative SEO campaigns, with the intent of harming their competitors’ reputation.

There are defenses every webmaster should be armed with, with one of their best defenses being a site with a strong SEO focused foundation, which is crucial in SEO campaigning as it allows continual monitoring of crucial ranking metrics to ensure there are no negatives at play.

The technical implications are incredibly ugly but a connection that a lot of people miss when they’re talking about backlinks, and domains, and pagerank, and SERPs, and insert other SEO jargon here, is that all of these things are tied directly into people’s livelihoods.

I know that it was negative SEO and not a slip up on the SEOs’ part by virtue of knowing the history/team behind the site and watching it as part of my normal data routine; the site was managed by the kind of guys that get asked to speak at SEOktoberfest…the kind of people I’d go work for if my bag of tricks ever ran out.

I post my website to review in a famous forum and few days I see my post in blackhat SEO forum that I’m not being a member. However, criminals can exploit this powerful tool against spam for actions in the field of negative SEO. The director of the previous company threathened me with continual Bad/negative seo if i proceeded with the court action.