Interesting facts about Spotify

As we all know Spotify is an electronic music streaming service provider that offers songs, videos streaming services and also podcasts. There are more than dozen facts that you might not have known about the Spotify.

  1. There are many other streaming service providers like Spotify, but none offers every feature like Spotify does – Spotify collaborates and brings together numerous streaming companies and enables the user to access the all these services. The app provides user the option to download, a free version, dedicated mobile app, different OS compatibility, and Spotify does not squeeze or keep annoying the user for upgrading their account.
  2. If invited, you can open a free account on Spotify–Get invited and you can open a free account with unlimited streaming a validity 6-months.
  3. Apart from the free account, there are desktop-only and premium service tiers offered by Spotify– The desktop-only service comes with a monthly rent of $5 with all features and service on Spotify unlimited. On the other hand, the spotify premium service comes at a rate of $10 monthly that allows both PCC and mobile access to Spotify.
  4. Not all artist and titles are available on Spotify are same all over the world – The whole Spotify database can be accessed through Spotify in USA, but the whole database is not accessible in other parts of the world.
  5. Even though the Spotify has one of the biggest databases in the world, it does not have all the music known to men – Spotify has over 13 to 15 million songs on their database, but this does not mean that Spotify has all the songs known to man.
  6. Unlike some of the streaming service providers Spotify allowsusers to create playlist of their own – Spotify offers option to the users to create playlist where you can drag and put your favourite songs and listen to them later.
  7. Spotify unlike other apps allows user to access its database through both mobile and PC –Spotify can be installed and used on PC and mobile and the database can be accessed without any roadblocks.
  8. Spotify lets you upload your own music through an aggregator –Spotify not only allows you to stream music and videos, it also allows the user to upload music through aggregators.
  9. Most of the streaming service providers does not provide option to select the quality of music , but Spotify allows – On Spotify, user can select the quality of music he/she want to listen to.
  10. E-Gift cards from Spotify allows you to gift subscription to your loved ones – Spotify sells e-Gift that can be gifted to any loved one, and the loved ones can later use them to subscribe or buy any services on Spotify.

These are some of the basic facts you should know about.