How to Buy E-Bike? How to Make Right Decision?

Electric bikes have just started to transform the way we live just like in Asia and Europe. Whether for commuting large distance, loading goods, or just enjoying a leisurely ride, there are many people looking for the e-bikes. Here’s what you need to look for when choosing an e-bike on‘s guide.

  • Know What You Need

Electric bikes are made for different purposes and people. It is up to you to choose what is most important, what is not important, and communicate the same to the retailer. If you want to do hill climbing, choose one with hub motor up to 250 watts or mid-mounted one. If you want to ride long distances, look for a larger battery of up to 400 watt hours. Know your specific needs to focus on the right bikes.

  • Warranty

Buying an e-bike is a huge endeavor, despite whether $1000 or $6000. With warranty, you can rest assured to make it worth. You may expect 2-year warranty on motor, parts, and battery from the most manufacturers with bikes that cost up to $2000.

  • Make a Wise Choice

You need to decide on the place of buying on three aspects – commitment, vibe and quality. Vibe is the feeling while walking into the shop. Is the staff knowledgeable, friendly and helpful? Do they have several e-bikes or just a few? Quality is the point on the types of bikes that retailer is offering.

  • Follow your instinct

It may seem like a bunch of information but they are not far from the truth. You can find a lot of options and opinions and not much in the manner of trusted organizations which review and certify the e-bikes.  The best way is to trust your intuition. If something seems good to be true, it surely is. Steer clear from the bike which is from a brand you haven’t heard of and didn’t find the information on.

  • Quality Matters, but Service Matters the Most

Instead of being a toy, e-bikes are the mode of transport. Despite the drive system, the quality of the e-bike is very important. If you ride it all the day, it is more important. Though you can look around the listing of motors, batteries and parts to judge the component quality of the bicycle, you need to consider the bike which is tuned and setup well.

  • Take a Test Ride

The most fun and important aspect of buying electric bike is probably the test ride. You can put the reviews and specs aside by trying e-bike and research and ask yourself – “Do I love it?”, “Does it climb hills the way I need?”, “Does it have the functionality and quality I like?” and other questions.

  • Expect More

If you are buying an e-bike with electric system, you will have to rely on the manufacturer. As a rule of thumb, you need to stay away from the brands with proprietary system if a brand is not offered widely in Europe and North America.