AFCO Heat Exchange 1999

AFCO Heat Exchange 1999

AFCO has stepped up their Heat Exchanger for the Ford Lightning/ Harley Davidson F-150’s even further with a Double Pass Heat Exchanger PRO Series. For the 2010 Super Cobra Jet Ford ditched the stock pump for a higher flowing 55gpm pump. When it warms up, I may dilute mine down a bit more, water trasnfers heat better. Johnny Lightning makes a sheet metal plenum that is awesome and expensive but not really needed unless running massive amounts of boost and high hp. Once you join you’ll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your stang, and have a great time with other Ford Mustang fans. When the HE heat soaks the water returning from it to the IC is hotter and the next time through it will not cool the IAT’s as much. Bob Utter Ford sells at wholesale prices; I highly recommend giving them a call…ask for Sam. Dual 10 ford lightning heat exchanger fans that pull 800 CFM each helps prevent heat soak (80284PRO only).

Like we said, the install was a snap, and this piece is well made with good welds and a proper fit under the hood. The idea is that you want the coolant to spend as much time in the heat exchanger as possible to lower the temperatures. I daily drive mine and can guarantee you cant build a better system with heat exhcnagers pumps and intercoolers. We have a plan to use the stock filler neck on the ’69 and pipe it to the 2002 tank. The Expi regulator plug had to be changed to plug into the Lightning alternator.

As we lowered the 1969 cab down onto the 2002 Lightning chassis, it looked like the track width on the Lightning was going to be pretty close to the outer fender edges on the 1969. The Lightning frame is wider than the ’69 in this area, so the first cut on the ’69 cab was to open up these corners. I kept the Kenne Bell design of using the bottom outlet as the inlet instead of filling the heat exchanger from the top. We had to use the Lightning throttle and cruise control cable for this install.

To allow the Whipple to take deep breaths, an Accufab Racing single-blade throttle body replaced the diminutive stock piece. The reason i didnt use this or the lighting pump is the location of the suction and discharge. This connection allows us to run a filler hose from the stock location down to the Lightning tank under the bed. For the plumbing, we again raided the parts store heater hose collection and found two 90 degree 3/4” heater hoses for the heat exchanger inlet and outlet. To hopefully alleviate any future leakage problems, I opted to purchase the 9-row Xtreme (aftermarket) IC from Lightning Force Performance ( ). It’s ready to bolt on. Only the best and most efficient components are used – bar and plate intercooler, Dual heat exchanger, billet Kenne Bell Twin Screw supercharger, billet bypass valve etc. FRPP carries the GT500 pump , and that part (M-8501-MSVT) also contains the pump bracket.

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