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Spybot S&D is software that will scan and remove spyware found on your computer.

Spyware can track your web surfing and share the information with other computers to produce advertisements on your computer. If you notice new favorites in your Internet Explorer or your homepage was changed without your permission, then you may be infected with spyware. Even if you do not notice any changes in your computer, it still may be infected.

Spybot S&D is 100% free and can be updated daily to keep your protection up to date. You can download it here.

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Microsoft is working on their new operating system called "Windows 7". It is in beta testing right now and there have been some screenshots released, plus some information.

The new Windows 7 supports multiple video cards from different manufactures running simultaneously and will have a new Windows Media Center. Windows 7 will launch in a 32bit & 64 bit version as well as Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate (just like Vista). A support for Extended Firmware Interface (EFI) will be added.

From the looks of the screenshots, this Windows looks like a clone of Vista and it hasn't been too long since the Vista release. Comment with your opinion on Windows 7. More information found on the Windows site.

Other features include :

Improvement in the toolbar with the ability to arrange the icons of applications running.

Icons on toolbar are larger with full screen previews when you hover over them.

Faster speeds.

Extended battery life for laptops.

Built in themes to change your desktop appearance.

Easier video and audio sharing/streaming.

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Google Earth started from plain and simple mapping to the now advanced 3d, underwater and space views. Now users can have underwater views as well as some other cool functions. Google used sonar data from the U.S. Navy, The National Atmospheric Association, and others to create the visuals for the ocean views . Today the ocean views will be fully upgraded and given their new looks. You can download the free software at

Google Earth is now going to space! They have released a 3d map of Mars based on satellite images as well as photographs taken from the Mars Rovers.

Also being added to the software is Historical Imagery. This will allow you to scroll back through decades of satellite images so you can see the changes in the world.

A function called Touring will allow you to create narrated or illustrated tours. Tours can be on land, below or above sea level, and will show you things like hiking and deep sea diving.

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Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created a paint that can secure your wireless network. It is suppose to be the newest and cost effective way to protect your wireless. The paint contains aluminum iron oxide which helps to cancel out electromagnetic waves in WiFi frequencies.

This new paint can block electromagnetic waves that resonate at frequencies up to 182GHZ.

So if you want a new and cool way to keep people out of your wireless network, this is it! Comment below with your opinion.

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Today Swiss authorities announced that they found a large marijuana field while using Google Earth. So far 16 arrests have been made and 1.2 tons of marijuana have been seized. The total value estimating $2.5 million. The field was located in the northeastern state of Thurgau which is in Switzerland.

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Back in December said that they were having their best holiday season ever. This was probably due to shoppers trying to find good deals online to save some money through these hard economic times. Amazon posted their earnings to show proof and they beat almost every retailer, online and offline. Amazon's net profit rose to $225 million in the quarter of December 2008 which was a great increase from $207 million from just a year earlier.

So even though times are hard, online shopping is becoming more popular and Amazon is seeing the results from this. Do you shop on Amazon? Comment below!

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Nintendo announced a remake of the popular video game Punch Out to be released for the Wii. It is planned to come out in the first half of 2009. This was announced a while back but I thought it was still great news to share. I am a huge fan of the Punch Out games and I cannot wait for this to be released.

What do you think of Punch Out being released on the Wii?

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For almost an hour on Saturday morning, Google search engine displayed a warning message showing false safety warnings and Web links that didn't work. Every search showed up with the message "This site may harm your computer.". Clicking on any of the links led to a website could not be reached message.

Google said that it was cause from just a simple human error. Google updates a list of sites that could harm computers and Saturday morning an employee typed in the wrong web address causing this error worldwide.

Google usually does not have glitches in their search engine but I have noticed a few glitches recently. This was one of them. I think Google does a great job at making their website glitch free and user friendly. What do you think of this error that happened?

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EA has announced that they are working on 3 new Need For Speed Games and each one will have its own unique gameplay. The Need For Speed series is a great one but to be honest they all are starting to become pretty much the same. EA is suppose to change the way gamers see Need For Speed by creating a whole new gaming experience in 3 different games.

One of the new games Need For Speed : Shift will feature an in depth cockpit view as well as an upgraded crash mechanic. This game will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, and PC.

Need For Speed : Nitro is also being worked on by EA Montreal, which will be an arcade style racing game. This will be released for Nintendo. The Hot Pursuit feature will be back and added to this game.

And the last Need For Speed : World Online will be a free to play online PC game.

(Picture property of Need For Speed : Shift)

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